Kolhapur Attraction -Town Hall Museum

Museum of Kolhapur 's Historical paintings and events.Historical ruminants from bramhapuri, old paintings, coins, sculpture remains along with weaponry are displayed here.

The best feature of interest in the city is the Town Hall Kolhpur Museum (Monday closed) on Bhausingji Road, 1km north of the Temple. This sombre Neo-gothic structure was built as the Town Hall in 1872-76 by Charles Mant. This is his first creation in Kolhapur, the only building in pure Neo-gothic style. The frontel porch of the Museum is flanked by towers with steeply pyramidal metal roofs. Two European cannons are on display here; the example dated 1609 is engraved with a relief of the god Mars.

The Museum houses Satavahana-period items discovered in excavation at nearby Bramhapuri Hill. They include figurines of the Greek god Poseidon, riders on an elephant, and a medallion with Hellenistic figures (replica only).Pottery fragments, coins and beads from Bramhapri are also shown. Graceful female musicians are among sculptures rescud from the Mahalaxmi Temple.The finest sculpture is female attendant bearing a fly-whisk from Panhala. A bronze bell displayed here was brought from Vasai in 1739 to be installed in the Mahalaxmi Temple. The raised gallery at one end of the Museum is given over to arms. The Chatrapati Pramila Raje Hospital, opposite the Museum, was built by Mant in 1881-84. Its entrance porch has exuberant Corinthian columns with monkeys and demonic heads incorporated into the arches above.

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